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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 5, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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store that is in san francisco. and we have a gorgeous weekend coming your way, bay area, happy friday to you. little bit of fog and drizzle that's going to clear before 11:00 a.m. temps hover near average for today and more of the same this weekend. changes next week, we will drive into that forecast in moments. and it is friday, but look at the back up at the bay bridge toll plaza. half of the freeway is blocked. warning in oakland as well. first how about a live look at san francisco? if you can make it out there, in that black mass, it is friday, september 5th, and this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good friday morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. new this morning, fire in san francisco's twin peaks neighborhood is now under control. firefighters say they have the flames knocked down in an
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apartment on corvette avenue right where market street turns into portolla. everyone is safe, and the fire might have started accidentally. right now crews are working to get people who live there back boo share units. we've just checked with muni, there are no delays on the 37 corvette bus that runs along the busy street. and laura, its been a fiery 24 hours, raging flames ripped through a store in san francisco, and this morning, fire crews are still checking for hot spots. the store was packed full of clothes, backpacks, and home goods. they are all overflowing now. firefighters are investigating whether there was too much to begin with. stephanie chuang joins us live outside on mission street with a look at the damage and stephanie, is there concern about the building caving? >> reporter: that's right. good morning, sam. there's a lot up in the air right now that the fire crews have to figure out. you can see as you mention the debris is all across the sidewalk, all around a lot of
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plastic and flammables. and it's all the way from front of new mission store next to the store that caught on fire. just spoke with the owner of that store. he was very emotional, very distraught as he's waking up to the reality of what he can do, his livelihood on the line. fire crews still on the scene. you can see a ladder there. there are two crews on the roofto rooftops, one in the back, two in front, already they've put out hot spots overnight. now the fire started around 1:00 yesterday afternoon, quickly escalating to a massive blaze because of all of the plastic merchandise resulting in thick black smoke pouring through the streets, firefighters were dealing with poor visibility and compromised structure. attacking the flames from ladder and all angles. they were able to keep them in the one building. fire chief joann hayes white says it was the people who helped firefighters stay focussed on their mission. >> most people were aware and
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shelt nerd place or self- -- sheltered in place or self-evacuated. >> it's a hard waiting to happen. someone's going to get killed in there. >> reporter: well no one was killed, that's the good news. no one suffered life threatening injuries, although four people, including two firefighters went to the hospital after suffering smoke inhalation. there were two complaints filed about this building not following code. once in 2009 when the own her to widen a path to a back exit, and then once again last year when there was a citation issued for a violation that compromised safety. back here live again, fire investigators are going to have a tough time, first of all a building engineer will have to be here this morning to see if anyone can go inside the building to pinpoint the origin of the fire. and there's just so much debris, again firefighters are making sure there are no flare-ups. some of the merchandise fell from the second floor down to here. as for traffic, mission street here between 22nd and 23rd will be shut down, closed for hours through the morning.
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for now live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> a lot of hazards and entanglements, thank you very much. in the men time, police in hayward are investigating a heinous crime. an elderly man was beaten and left in a park. it happened at koen i did park. -- kennedy park. police are asking for the public's help to find the man behind the beating, good morning, kris. >> reporter: good morning laura, they are hoping that someone saw something here at kennedy park. there is a petting zoo, there's a train, certainly lots of families here in the middle of sunday afternoon. which is when this incident happened. elderly man punched in the head and left unconscious as a party continued right nearby. let's show you where it happened. 2:45 near the pavilion picnic area here at the park. there was a group of 10 to 20 people celebrating something, perhaps a birthday when a
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70-year-old chinese man came up to the trash cans to collect cans and other recyclables. thaebl woman from the group approached him to talk with him, and then moments later, a man from the same group walked up to the victim and punched him square in the head so hard that he fell unconscious. to make matters worse, police say the man remained there on the ground without any medical assistance, knocked out cold while the party continued for an hour. the victim only got help when his own wife showed up at the park looking for him. the details that hayward police are hoping will jog your memory, the suspect is described as an african american man about 6'0", weighing somewhere between 180 pound and 200 pounds. and after punching the man, police say a witness saw him leaving in what is only described as a beige car, but again, this was sunday afternoon, the day wonder labor day -- before labor day, 2:45 here in the afternoon at kennedy
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park. by the way, the 70-year-old victim remains in the hospital this morning. he has not regained consciousness since the hit on sunday. >> very tragic, thank you very much, kris. pg&e has not yet paid its landmark $1.4 billion fine for the san bruno explosion, but that is not stopping one lawmaker from spending that money. this morning, state senator jerry hill is expected to announce legislation to earmark a majority of the funds for pipeline improvements and safety measures. it would also prevent pg&e from passing some of the cost related to pipeline modernization on to its customers. the bill will create an independent monitor to oversee pg&e and fund a trust for the state of california. the 2010 explosion steroid san bruno's crestmore neighborhood, destroying 38 homes. eight people were killed, and more than 50 were injured. pg&e is appealing the fine. 6:06, grassroots groups are calling on the city of oakland to stop a weapons and tactics
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expo that's being held this week. it's drawing law enforcement agencies from around the world. it showcases the latest in law enforcement equipment including various weapons and surveillance technology. it is followed by two days of emergency preparedness drills. cops weeks after protesters and police clashed in ferguson, missouri, sparking a national outcry about police carrying military-style weapons. 6:06 on your friday morning, let's get a peek outside and see downtown san jose, look at the hue of that sky. colors i don't know. >> fuchsia. nice. i like that one. let's check in with christina loren, how are things looking. >> shark tooth, how about that one? i know, i just blew your mind. i have more good news, more mind blowing information for you on a friday. it is going to be really nice around here. all across the bay area, you're
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going to get the 70s, and i'm talking about the 70s in san francisco all weekend long. meanwhile, we are not going to be baking. you're not going to see the extreme microclimate separation between the coast and the inland valley spots. we are only going see the low 0u here. it's going to be comfortable. temperatures this morning, definitely revealing that hint of fall out there. we're at 59 degrees in concord. i want to showout san francisco area, the golden gate bridge because what you can't see from the sister is we have thick low clouds overhead. but that marine layer at 2,000 feet will keep us foggy. it'll be banked up against the coastline for much of the day, then about three hours of sunshine between 12:00 and 3:00 p.m. in san francisco. 78 degrees on the peninsula, and for us, beautiful south bay. silicon valley looking good. as well as wine country. 86 degrees for the north bay.
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temperatures staying nice and comfortable. i get to use that word pleasant when i love, 89 degrees for the tri-valley. subtle changes for your weekend, and big changes coming your way next week. first though let's get you out the front door on a good note. make the boss happy. here's mike to help you. >> well, it'll make some people happy, some people pleasant wouldn't be the word to use. zoomed in, you see on the left, you see the lights, golden gate field. as you're approaching there at the east shore freeway. there is a crash blocking two of the four lanes. around the bend near the top of the screen, let's show you on the map, things are jamming up near buchanon towards gillman street and jamg you up out of richmond. that'll cause an issue, off of the richmond san rafael bridge making that merge. two lanes blocked, no details on injuries, we'll track that and the impact on the upper east shore. berkeley may have a little bit of a break as well as the berkeley curve, but the metering lights are on at the bay bridge
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and you have a slower drive coming out of the maze just right now. oakland at the bottom of your screen, reminder, there is a game for the a's at 7:05 today. post work traffic with slowing past the coliseum. typical when there is an event like that going on. further east, dublin westbound 580 over towards the dublin interchange. your typical build, typical pattern here. in the south bay, san jose shows you that build. you have a slower drive, starting around tully road past this shot at 680 and continuing up toward 8 # 0, 87 into downtown, shows a build as well. it's friday commute, but the south bay has been seeing heavy traffic flow. >> increase lately. >> around the bay, especially taking in for the south bay, people have talking about that. >> heading to school and work. >> on a mission too. >> yeah, the two fires. >> thank you, mike. 6:10 on your friday morning, still ahead on "today in the bay." third ebola patient arrives in the u.s. new details about the hospital
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that is keeping him quarantined. and tim cook speaking out about at icloud hack. we'll take a look coming up in business and tech. ♪
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third northwestern contract the ebola -- american to contract the ebola virus is being treated. the plane landed and he was wisked away to the nebraska medical center. sacra will be kept in a specialized isolation unit. >> hayward police are asking for anyone who witnessed a brutal attack to come forward. sunday night, police say a man punched an elderly man in the head, knocking the victim out. police say the victim is still unconscious and will likely have permanent brain damage. firefighters in san francisco are keeping their distance in case a burned out building collapses. right now they are being told to stay about 20 feet away. the roof and part of the second
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floor of the so-called big house store on mission street has crumbed to the grountd, over to you. tim cook speaking out about the first time icloud security after several celebrities photos were hacked and bob redell joins me with more. there's going to be new security he mentioned in here, and also says lack of education, big part of the problem. confusion on the part of celebrities and frankly the rest of us as well. >> absolutely. this interview with the wall street journal, scott, tim cook also says that his company could have done more to make people aware of hackers and encourage them to strengthen their pass words. this comes after the hack of icloud accounts that resulted in nude pics of jennifer lawrence and other actresses and celebrities to leak out on to the internet. now in this interview, cook reiterated that hack ders not reach apple's icloud storm warning servers, instead they accessed the celeb icloud accounts by one of two means, the hackers were able to obtain the account pass words by properly answering the
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questions, not clear how they figured out the correct answers or obtain the user ids and pass words to a phishing scam. apple announced the steps from happening or try to prevent it. the tech giant will alert you via e-mail or push notification whenever you try to change your account password, log into a new device or restore icloud data to a new device. prior to this, no notification when he reor it stored it to a new device. you must use a pass word, four digit code, or long access key. in response to criticism, people saying that apple is lax on security, cook's reiterating saying hey, we worked with touch id which you can find on your iphone 6. >> look, this wasn't on us. >> and i have an issue with that, nobody hacked our servers, well, fine, but somebody took advantage of the process apple
6:16 am
set up in order to crack those pass words. >> edge taken goes back to them saying look, we need people to be more aware. we were having a conversation about hey -- >> how unaware we are. >> it's confusing, coming from someone whose been covering far couple weeks. >> yeah. they have a decision by a federal judge in san jose. want judge thinks the tech company should pay a way bigger fine for hurting their employees. apple and three other tech companies schemed to keep their workers pay artificially low with a secret agreement not to poach each other's workers. a settlement between the workers and worked through about 4,000 bucks per employee. the judge says that's not near enough. tech companies to want go over her head to the ninth circuit. speaking of court cases, yelp won a big one, a lawsuit brought on by small businesses claiming yelp tries to strong
6:17 am
arm them. not only did the judge not rule in favor of the small business owners with, he said if yelp did behave that way, it wouldn't be illegal. the latest job numbers tepid, 142,000 jobs added in august. unemployment rates nationwide 6.1%. that's such a weak number. such a pride is in the face of other data showing a strong economy. i do wonder if the data is wrong. sam and laura, when you look at the numbers through the lens of education, look at that, just as teachers would say, no high school degree, 9.1% unemployed. you get a high school degree, that drops by a third, and americans with a four year college education have an unemployment rate of 3.1%. so we can talk about 6% all we want, get a college degree, 3%. >> yeah, interesting. >> great perspective, as you mentioned the job numbers, those get modified a couple of times. >> these are going to be
6:18 am
modified, very odd number. >> thanks so much. also a look at the forecast, especially on a friday morning. let's look live outside overlooking city the by, san francisco this morning. >> yeah, may have made it to the weekend, and it's going to be so nice, cha-ching. >> i learned my mistake from that. >> you'll try it again. 6:1 now, 63 degrees in san carlos, 63 for oakland, and if you missed what he's talking about, check out my twitter page later on, i'll be posting that action later. 59 at half-moon bay and i'm going to put it on the cloud as well. 59 in san martin and 58 to tart the -- start the day. end of the week together, and as you're heading outdoors, we are seeing our sunrise later and later, it doesn't come up now officially until 6:44 in the morning, but you can see know the beautiful purple colors coming in from that low cloud cover here in the south bay.
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as we head through your afternoon, fog will clear, your inland valley spots by 10:00 a.m. you'll have to wait until about lunchtime, and then right at the immediate coast, likely staying in that fog for much of the day. that's going to keep us cool. 83 degrees for the south bay. 78 degrees on the peninsula, east bay 73, and 72 degrees in san francisco. so, the bay area weekend looks warm, but not too bad. really you can take your pick, whatever you want to do, the weather will not be bad whatsoever on the peninsula. we're talking about the low to mid-80s. not too hot, not too cold, feeling like summer time in san jose and san francisco. 70s to upper 2340u6 san francisco, fog to sun, that's the weather story. more of the same through monday and tuesday. then things start to change. you'll notice on the seven day forecast here at the bottom of your screen. a warmup coming your way, overall though, no triple digits, no 90s in the forecast for the next seven to ten days.
6:20 am
that could change, if it does, we'll let you know. first here's your drive, here's mike inouye. you mentioned clouds, we're talking about the cloud and the silver lining here. let me explain for traffic. the backup got liergt, about half the cash lanes fast track not of a problem. here's the reason why. benefit at the bay bridge toll plaza, let's look in emeryville, there's flashing lights blocking two of the lanes right by golden gate field. all the folks coming down for westbound 80 and off of the san rafael bridge from the san rafael side. they're being held up by the crash block half of your freeway and making berkeley, emeryville, and the bay bridge lighter. >> look at your maps, if you're on the upper east shore, san pablo, richmond, jammed up approaching this merge and golden gate field, then once you pass by albany, you are clear getting over toward that bay bridge. that's a benefit for those folks south of there. reminder over mere in oakland,
6:21 am
evening hours are going to get slowing past the coliseum. expect that later on. smooth drive right now across the bay into san francisco. we talked about the fires. one over in mission between 22nd and 23rd continuing with the fire clean up and investigation. that will have traffic control in the area, but mooiny gets through. terrace, we're talking about the 38 going through the area. we've heard about no delays, that's good knew. we'll let you know if you tell us about problems or reroutes, so far none of the agencies reporting a new delay. that's great stuff. palo alto nice smooth flow. northbound up in towards the city, easy drive south into the south bay. no delays either. one more live shot in there, maybe i don't, if i don't, i'll bring it coming up. >> we know you will, thanks so much. 6:21, still ahead on "today in the bay." remembering a trail blazer and comedy icon. as we give you a live look at joan rivers star on the hollywood walk of fame. atoned with flowers, pictures,
6:22 am
we're going to show you how late night television hosts pay tribute coming up next. [ male announcer ] welcome to no man's land.
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6:25 am
hollywood walk of fame. she was a trail blazer and didn't slow down. in fact, she was just in the south bay a few weeks ago performing at the mountain winery in saratoga. she went into cardiac arrest last week. >> you'll remember she was a mainstay on late night tv stretching all the way back to the tonight show with johnny carson. last night jimmy fallon and david letterman paid tribute to her. >> we had her on our very first tonight show. and she came out, and she came over to me, and she started crying, and gave me a cry. it was really emotional. it was really nice. she's just, i don't want to show a clip because i don't think it'll do her justice. >> she was 81 years old out doing it, and funny today as he was when he first got into show business. and talk about guts. she would come out here and sit in this chair and say some things that were unbelievable. just were you would to have to
6:26 am
swallow pretty hard and twice, but it was hilarious. >> aw, she was such a character. i got to chance to meet her in san francisco when i was working up there. she was just a character. she had little dogs that followed her everywhere, and you know, they adored her as many of the public did as well. >> interesting peek there into the two late night talk show hosts how one emotional jimmy fallon and letterman having fun, tongue and cheek, obviously she'll be well missed. >> rest in peace. 5:26 right now, still ahead, live to wall street for a look at the opening bell. plus the president trying to rally support against isis, but is he giving off mixed signals to allies? we're live in washington, a look at what lawmakers are saying this morning, next. also keeping an eye on your friday morning commute. we've seen the bay bridge get backed up, eased up, we're going to check in with mike. before that, a quick look outside at downtown san jose as the sun starting to come up,
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some folks the early morning goers making their way to work. we'll be right back with the news, weather, and traffic right after the break. is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that.
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day two of the nato superintendent, but what is president obama's plan against isis, live with new details next. widespread low clouds to kick off the day, they'll clear by about 11:00 a.m., gorgeous afternoon and weekend coming your way, and then changes by next week. your full forecast in just moments. and if you're heading to the bay bridge, i want you to look at the toll plaza, things are lighter over the last 15 minutes, may not be good news for everybody heading there. the big jam that some are in store for. wall street trying to make
6:30 am
heads or tails of a strange jobs number this morning. live look at the nasdaq as they get ready for the big opening of the bell. 162,000 jobs added in the month of august. here comes the bell on the nasdaq, and over on nyse as well. and there's the confetti. >> scott, i like to go with heads in that scenario. live look outside right now of the bay bridge toll plaza, not too congested this morning, good news for drivers. today is friday, september 5th, and this is "today in the bay." from northbound bay area, this is -- nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> and good friday morning to you, i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. new video of president obama gathering with world leaders for day two of the nato summit in willis -- wales. they gorted for the flyover, but behind the scenes, the conversation still centered on
6:31 am
the isis threat. and also the crisis in ukraine. "today in the bay's" tracy potts joins us live in washington where lawmakers say the president is sending mixed messages, good morning, tracy. >> reporter: good morning, laura. new morning, nato has decided to put several thousand people in eastern europe in part to keep an eye on what russia does in ukraine. great britain is pledging thousands of soldiers for this new rapid response effort they'll be able to go anywhere in the world within a matter of days. >> our message is clear, we are united in con dep nation of these barbaric and despicable acts. >> reporter: as the president continues coalition building at nato today, lawmakers in washington are trying to clarify what is the plan on going after isis militants in syria? white house advisor ben rhodes now refuses to rule out boots on the ground. >> well, we're already providing a military assistance who ultimately is the strongest
6:32 am
counterweight on the ground to isil. >> reporter: lawmakers want clear answers. they're getting a white house briefing later this morning, and calling secretary of state john kerry to testify in two weeks. some new admit we may need to send in ground troops. >> you're going to have to be surgical in your strikes, that may involve our special operations force rs such as seals and the delta force. >> reporter: in wales, the u.s. and u.k. are trying to get support for dealing with isis and russia in ukraine. >> putin's appetite only grows with the eating. and he will keep taking more until he faces a consequence he is unwilling to incur. >> reporter: sanctions he argues don't seem to be working. the sanctions are only table again, nato allies including the united states say they have another round of sanctions to try to press russia into backing out of ukraine, if today's negotiation goes nowhere, laura.
6:33 am
>> one to continue to watch, thank you so much, tracy, live from washington, d.c. friday morning as we take a live gaze outside at san francisco the transamerica building and this may be, laura, the best part of our jobs, it's friday, what does that mean? >> the weekend is upon us. far lot of folks. i want to check in with meteorologist christina loren, nice one on tap? >> great conditions as we head into this weekend, good friday morning, thanks for waking up with us each and every day. may have had an abbreviated workweek, we've been serving up beautiful weather, and we have more. we're going to hold on to basically a repeat performance of yesterday today, more of the same tomorrow into sunday, monday, even tuesday, and then we'll start to heat you up towards the midsection and end of next week, but overall, we hate that sweet september stride and we're going to keep it going. 63 degrees in san carlos this morning, we're at 59 degrees in half-moon bay. 52348 san jose, and 57 degrees down in san martin.
6:34 am
let's talk about what's going on, your beautiful bay area this morning, we have quite a bit of low cloud cover out there. and really some impressive imagery to show you because these low clouds this morning are going all the way through the delta and into the sacramento valley. they're going to get heat relief out of the flow in the sacramento valley as well. but let's talk about thaw marine layer for a second. san francisco right now showing you we do have the thick low clouds, but you can still clearly make out both towers of the golden gate bridge and you see all those cars though went by without a problem there at the surface. that's because our marine layer is at 2,000 feet and the golden gate bridge is 746 feet. you're going to be below the clouds, transamerica pyramid, tallest skyscraper in san francisco above 1,000 feet and the only place you'll be able to look down over the cloud bank is above 2,000 feet, and that's going to be from mt. diablo or mt. hamilton this morning. cool stuff to talk about. the good news is the fog clears
6:35 am
by mid-morning and these are your temperatures today my friend. 73 for the east shore, 72 in san francisco, and 83 in the south bay. let's check your drive, here's mike. >> christina, you're talking about the east shore, i'm talking about the east shore freeway. first the live shoets and maps as well. middle of the screen, that's a long shot up towards golden gate field. flashing light is westbound 80. commute direction block at least one, i'm told two lanes are blocked as you're coming around the bend at the top of your screen off of the bridge as well as westbound 80 out of san pablo. this is causing a big backup there but a benefit for the bay bring toll plaza. earlier it looked like a light volume and indeed it was because they were held up on the upper east shore freeway. let's get you the area. . you're heading out of the upper east shore, this will be a big issue for you all. you'll get into that jam, you'll pass it once you get past gillman. that's south of buchanon for the berkeley yir. now things around the rest of the bay and moving nicely.
6:36 am
friday little bit lighter flow through oakland. reminder, through the tri-valley. first the city we have the twin peaks fire, we may have delays, a possible reroute with a 37 that comes through the area around twin peaks. there is a fire around graystone terrace and cor bit avenue. the fire is under control from what we understand. dublin looking over towards the east bay and the tri-valley. westbound 580 shows the continued slowing through the pass and dublin interchange, nothing unexpected here. we'll end with the south bay northbound 101 moving nicely here. behaving themselves well for most of the northbound routes. 101 at 680 right here as well as 87 into downtown. and then we'll see 20 and 85 keking over the next 15 minutes and that'll hit them hard. >> you know thousand goes. thanks a lot. 6:36 on your friday morning, markets have just opened a few minutes ago. let's check the numbers with scott mcgrew. >> the markets love a good job's
6:37 am
number. a bad jobs number, it'll rise as well. what we've got is a nobody can understand it job's number. 142,000 jobs added in the month of august, and the dow industrial's down 37 points. that's like one tenth of 1%, maybe two tenths of 1%. just a very small move as we try to figure out what in the word is going on. apple under 1100 bucks and tesla is big. we'll look coming up. >> thanks. 6:37 right now on your friday. still ahead, coal mine collapse, rescuers try to reach 34 miners trapped below the ground. at 1-800-dentist, we're about one thing.
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happening right now, the third american to contract the ebola virus in west aftercan ka is now at the nebraska hospital where hooe be treated. rick sacra's plane landed and he was wisked away. the hospital staff is trained to deal with situations just like this. his doctors will provide supportive care because there is no more of the medicine that was given to the other two american patients. 6:40, the number of people killed by flash flood and landslides in northern india is growing this morning. officials say they've recovered at least 28 bodies including two recovered after a bus carrying
6:41 am
50 members of a wedding party were swept away. four passengers managed to swim to safety. four days of rain forced thousands of people to abandon their hopes. the rain is expected to continue for at least another day. rescuers in bosnia are working to reach five miners trapped inside a collapsed mine. it collapsed last night after a small earthquake triggered a gas explosion. the rescue effort is on hold right now after crews were able to pull out 29 miners. the remaining five men are inside of a pick. some 1600 feed below the ground. their chances of survival are not clear at this point. this is in the town of zenika. it's the third accident at that very mine in this year. 6:41, coming up, elderly man attacked in front of a crowd of people at a park and no one did anything to help him. >> very disturbing. plus checking for more hot spots and watching for a possible collapse this morning, new details about the cluttered
6:42 am
store that caught fire in san francisco's mission district. and a live look outside, golden gate bridge this morning, we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop news after this break. ♪ ♪ ♪ i gotta have that bag. italian leather? for an amazing deal, and i love that designer. [ shopper ] you paid how much for that? [ female announcer ] two stores. two amazing ways to score. t.j.maxx and marshalls.
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you're watching 15 minutes of continuous news, weather, and traffic on "today in the bay." all new morning, fire in san francisco's twin peaks neighborhood is now under control. firefighters say they've knocked the flames down in the apartment on corbit avenue, that is where market street turns. everybody is safe and the fire might have started accidentally. right now crews are working to get people who live there back into their units. and we just checked in with muni. there are no delays on the bus that runs along that street.
6:45 am
fire crews outside a building in san francisco's mission district this morning, more than 12 hours after flaps were started. >> the fire at the buildings of the intersection sent black smoke pouring all over the city. it took crews hours to put it out. perhaps because of all the clutter out there. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang is live outside that building, and stephanie, we understand that some business owners nearby also being impacted this morning, what is the fallout of this fire? >> reporter: yeah, good morning, sam and laura. you know store owner next door, very distraught, emotional as he asks firefighters when can i go backed in. can i open my store. that's a big question mark. there's so much clutter an the structure, the integrity of the structure here is unknown as the roof collapsed, the second floor also gave way. fire crews understood went a shift change trying to stay at least 20 feet away. they've been putting out hot spots overnight to make sure there are no flare-ups. it started around 1:00 with a
6:46 am
smoke pouring through the neighborhood. two firefighters and two residents went to the hospital after suffering smoke inhalation. no life threatening injuries reported and that's the good news. however, one neighbor has been worried about this for years. >> i stopped going in there because it's a hazard waiting to happen. someone's going to get killed in there. there's a store you can't walk down with a walker or stroller, they shouldn't have a license. >> reporter: the fire department does not usually inspect these buildings unless there's been a complaint, and there were two filed for this building, once in twine when the own her to wide an path to a back exit, then once again last year when a citation was issued for something that compromised safety. now back here live again you see all the debris, this is going to make it difficult for arson investigators who have to figure out the origin of the fire. a building engineer is going to have to make the determination if they can go outside. as for traffic, muni is the only thing allowed in and out the
6:47 am
stretch between 22nd and 23rd. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you, stephanie. people complained of the smell of chep calls in the air there as well. taking a live look outside overlooking san francisco this morning. what they need is a good stiff wind it blow it all out, christina has a look at the forecast. >> yeah, but they didn't need the wind during the fire. you could see that smoke through moving fast. and just in note of caution, whenever you see that thick black smoke, it's usually more dangerous than the white smoke. that's when you really to want get inside and shut everything down if you can. or get upwind of that fire. here on nbc bay area, whenever news breaks, we will break into kovrng and let you know. 57 degrees in san jose. and 59 degrees, good morning to you in concord, a pretty day coming your way. and just a spectacular weekend if you can get outdoors and enjoy it, it won't be too hot
6:48 am
and even local beaches, comfortable temperatures. widespread low clouds to start. we have fog and drizzle at the immediate coast. it's going to burn off by about 10:00 a.m. inland and whatever's left at the coast, likely to stay there for much of the day. you'll get sunshine in the city, san francisco today, for about three hours between 12:00 and 3:00. as we get into this evening, your sun sets now at 7:35, and our days are closing in as we transition closer to fall. we lose those daylight hours, overall, overnight lows have dropped off, and that'll continue to be the trend deeper into the month of september. 83 degrees in the south bay. 78 degrees along the peninsula. these are average highs for this time of year. 86 in the north bay, kind of warm out there, not too bad, we're not talking about the 90s. wine country this weekend, we might get a little taste of the 90s in sonoma. northern sonoma county, that would be on saturday. we'll cool you back down to the 0u. over all looking good in san jose and san francisco all
6:49 am
weekend long. it's just one of those days wherever you lived in the bay area, today, tomorrow, even all the way through tuesday, comfortable conditions, probably get by without that ac for most spots. we will keep you updated. let's check your drive, here's mike. >> all right christina. over here, trying to change the shot to get you a better view. i see one set has cleared, there were two crashes. over here sign for golden gate field. those are the folks coming off the bridge. there's another arctic that comes off the freeway. both are jamming up. you're jamming up toward the buchanon, once you pass towards berkeley, you're okay. this makes the bay bring toll plaza a lot of benefit over here, look how light this has become because of the folks holed up. hoekd and 580, 24, all moving at the speed limit approaching the maze into san francisco. let's get a look at sunol. 680 southbound. we're seeing another build of traffic flowing, it's not so bad
6:50 am
at the golf course. over the hill and over towards mission bld, may have more slowing, there is a crash reported there. pickup truck and another vehicle, have not heard yet if they've cleared lanes. expect slowing out of sunol and in towards fremont. looking at your maps for the south bay, we see the northbound build kicking in. 101 from 680, really the worst of it, but have a slow down as the volume builds from capitol expressway from 101, 87, there's 20 and 85 will start the slowing over the next 20 minutes heading towards saratoga. that's the typical slow there. the rest of the bay moving smoothly including the bridges, let's look at the san mateo bring as we see an easy drive for west 92 across the span. traffic break, i didn't hear about anything, but i'll give you the update coming up, back to you. hayward police are looking for the man who punchinged an elderly man in the head an knocked him unconscious. it happened at kennedy park, that is near the boulevard.
6:51 am
kris sanchez joins us live where police are asking for your help to find the man responsible for this beating. >> reporter: that's right, sam. they're saying that the fact that that man hit this elderly man is not the only shocking part of the crime, but that the man fell to the dwround unconscious -- ground unconscious while there was a party nearby and no one helped him for more than an hour. it happened here near the pavilion picnic center. police say there was a group of 10 to 20 people gathered together celebrating, perhaps something like a birthday, when it happened. hayward pd say that the victim, 70-year-old chinese man entered the area to collect cans and other recyclables. at that point, a woman from the group approached him and talked with him far moment, and then a few moments after that, a man from the same group walked up to that 70-year-old man, pumpled him -- punched him square in the head and he dropped unconscious to the ground. so hard that he may have permanent brain damage. to make matters worse, the man
6:52 am
there remained on the ground, knocked out cold, while the party continued right nearby. victim only got help once his elderly wife cape to the park looking for him. and found him on the ground. police in hayward are hoping you can jog your memory if you were here in the park. there were lots of folks out here on sunday around 2:45. the suspect is an african american man, about 6'0", weighing 180 to 200 pounds. he left shortly after punching that man in a beige sedan. now we know this is a big description and we don't generally give them out when they are this vague. because of the nature of the crime and the fact that could have been so many people, train, playground here, at kennedy park. police are hoping that any little bit of information might jog people's memory. by the way, the 70-year-old victim remains in the hospital, he is still unconscious. he has been unconscious since sunday. in hayward, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much.
6:53 am
it is 6:5 #, richmond -- 6:52. five students at the high school got sick after ooeting the brownies. two were unconscious when paramedics arrived and had to be rushed to the hospital. police have arrested a 17-year-old senior. bay area car dealer convicted of running a ponzi scheme will find out his fate later today. he could face as many as 16 years in prison after pleading no contest to nine felony counts. prosecutors say he ran an investment scheme through his car dealership giving out fake pink slips to investors in exchange for cash. the nbc bay area investigative unit first revealed his fraud two years ago that he conned nearly two dozen people out of more than $1.3 million. job in your opinions announced, not so great, scott mcgrew. >> no, they were not. we're looking at jobs, wall street as well. 142,000 jobs added in the most
6:54 am
recent month of august. that is such a mediocre number. wall street's just not sure what to doed with it. the markets are barely moved. apple by the way, still under $100 a share. apple's ceo tim cook talking about icloud in the new article this morning in the wall street journal. bob redell has more on that security feature, this new security feature he's talking about, bob. >> good morning, scott, first interview since the hacking took place, a.m.'s ceo tim cook says he is as outranged, if not more than the people who had their acts hacked. of course we're speaking about jennifer lawrence and other women whose nude pictures were leaked out this past weekend. in this interview, cook said that the they did not breach the storage servers. instead these hackers accessed the vinl's accounts. whatever the case, apple has announced steps to prevent this
6:55 am
are copping again. they'll alert you via e-mail or push notification whenever you try to change an account password, log into a new device or restore icloud data to a new device. prior to this, no notification when we restored it into a new device. they'll start enacting more often two factor authentication. that's when you must use two of the following, password, one time use four digit code or long access key. and something else the company is saying through this interswru tim cook is that apple could have done more to make people aware of hackers and encourage users to strengthen those pass words. >> icloud has been terribly confusing, thank you much. well with all the news about jobs and the economy, let me throw this in, and sam if you'll allow me a reality check here. new data from the fed this morning shows despite more jobs, despite more production, regular families not getting any richer. in fact we're getting poorer, and the poorer are getting a lot
6:56 am
poorer. every three years the fed looks at family finances and says between 2000 and 2013, family median income in the middle class, upper middle dlas fell 5%. this is a huge range. these are people who are making 40% of average, those making 90% of average. that range is like a family in a small apartment to a nice house in saratoga, everybody's makingless money. but those in the top 10% of the incomes in america got richer. the too long to read version, if you're super rich, you're super richer. the rest of us are poorer. >> that's what it feels like on sunday. >> and let the record reflect, i go to scott all the time for information. 6:56 right now, team around here, fine check of the top stories. the third american who contract the ebola virus is now at a nebraska hospital where he'll be treated. just a few days ago, rick skaik ra's plane land -- sacra's plane
6:57 am
landed in nebraska where he'll be in an isolation unit. will mcdonald make the trip? so far everything points to him playing in the team season opener against the cowboys on sunday. he has been practicing all week despite the fact he is currently facing domestic violence charges. firefighters in san francisco keeping their distance in a case of the burned out, in case of burned out building collapses rather. right now they're being told to stay about 20 feet away. the roof and part of second floor of the so-called big house store on mission street has already crumbled to the ground. >> keeping an eye now on wind conditions and weather develop thes in the bay area. we have a weekend coming up, what do you think? >> i think it's going to be nice. wind is calm this morning, and that's really good news. it was strong yesterday when that fire first broke out. at this time we got about three mile per hour sustained heat. highs will be comfortable.
6:58 am
70s and 80s for most spots, upper 80s out in the tri-valley. i want to let everybody know about something that's happening all september long, three adoptions to qualified homes at oakland animal services. we to want help get these dogs off the streets into loving hopes and you can get a wonderful new family member. >> oh. >> i have three. i have three. >> wow. >> i've got one, come on. come on. >> jont any -- i don't have any. >> you have to actually feed and walk. take care of the dog. responsibilities. >> oh, they take care of you as well. we take you of you when it comes to traffic. >> bay bridge out of oakland, maze, easy drive, look how easy this is. flipside of the coin, the map shows you no problems through berkeley or on the approach. upper east shore freeway is jammed because of two crashes toward golden gate field. two lanes are jammed and off of the ichld bridge despite the lighter friday flow. this is the big problem. the san mateo bring also may see a heavier volume of traffic,
6:59 am
anybody hears anything, sometimes people just use their route as an alternate. and we see a good volume westbound, no problems off of 880. good deal. >> do you think of this? world famous arts up for grabs? >> what are we talking about? the mona lisa would help pay off france's national debt. that has got than bad? delaware vince which i is spinning in his grave. france it is $2.6 trillion in debt. in 1962, the ginsz book of world records voled valled that painting around $100 million. fak nor today's inflation, you get a number close to $1 billion. >> i don't think i would do it. >> spawn. it maybe. >> right. >> good luck with that. >> wow. >> 2.6 trillion in debt, i don't see the lodge lick it. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay" with a live local news update. >> look at for the latest information.
7:00 am
have a great friday, great weekend. >> yeah, see you monday morning. good morning. trailblazer. tributes pouring in around the world for joan rivers. from her start in standup. >> i went into a store today and asked what do you have to go with this suit? she said a bottle of cheap wine. >> we'll talk to two of her dear friends about the quick wit and sharp tongue that made her a star. secretary of state john kerry announces a coalition with


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